18 JULY 2016

Melbourne-based Film and Video Production company BRAND VIDEO has announced it is targeting the Travel and Leisure, Industrial Manufacturing, and Health and Safety Industries in the coming financial year.  The company sees the forecast growth in these sectors as being leading indicators of demand for audio visual marketing tools for business,  Brand Video specialises in company videos, product launch videos and infographics and animations.  

BRAND VIDEO founder Brett Hardy said "Our speciality is creating world-class film and video for business at an affordable price.  We see growth potential in the travel and leisure sectors due to incredible opportunities presented by the inbound Chinese tourism growth.  While key Industrial hubs around Melbourne, such as Dandenong, Cheltenham, Frankston and Moorabbin are breaking onto the export scene at the moment.  We want to work with these brands to help celebrate and promote that success."

BRAND VIDEO works with brands that are looking to increase their presence through the creation of video marketing tools and is a specialist in content marketing creation.  The company can arrange scripting, casting, shooting, editing, graphics and cut these into a variety of applications for social media, retail, in-store or at b2b type events such as trade shows and product launches.



BRAND VIDEO has been active in the Melbourne community for the past 20 years. Our eclectic team of writers, directors, editors, designers and camera crew, continue to deliver engaging, high quality audio-visual communication solutions for business applications in the digital age. 

Brand Video was founded by Film and Television Producer, Brett Hardy and Award Winning Graphic Designer, Angela McNiece.  The pair bring years of experience in film and television production, broadcast graphic design, event and exhibition management and brand design and styling.  This hands-on experience is paired with academic studies across the fields of public relations, social media and content marketing, integrated marketing communications strategy, graphic communications and visual arts,

In the past BRAND VIDEO has produced feature films and television series for broadcast TV, corporate documentaries, branded content, art exhibitions, large scale murals and short-film animations.  Today, the company continues to work hard to ensure your audio visual communication tools are both world class and affordable.  

Brand Video - Outstanding Film and Video for Business