At Brand Video we have a need for all kinds of technical and creative expertise.  We have an open door policy for up and coming technicians and artists alike.  If you would like to increase your skill set or put your awesome machines to work on a new project then please get in touch.  

High calibre jobs require high calibre team members.  Our core group is composed of dedicated individuals who have years of experience and will help you realise your career pathway in film, television and commercial video applications. There are many ways to assist so dont be afraid of what you don't know!  Let's talk about your dreams and see where it takes you.



Love Photography?  Do you see beauty in the detail of life?  Or just have a kick ass drone that you want to put to the test on a clear day?  All of the above are good reasons to get in touch with us and make your way into video production.  

A role in the Camera Department is a unique mix of artistic and technical ability unlike any other skill set in the production work flow.  At Brand Video we all get a rush out seeing super slo-mo footage of daily life, dramatic lightning strikes across the city skyline or beautiful aerial shots of rural acreage.  No matter what your focus is your are enthusiastic then lets discuss ways to collaborate on the next big project.


Who needs to be out in the cold, in the wind, up to your ears in mud, shooting a music video?  If you prefer the cosy confines of a heated edit suite with hot beverages on tap, and nothing but a mouse and keyboard between you and your next award winning production, then the Edit Assistant role is for you.

In this area the types of work include digitising footage, making selects of best shots, identifying resolution issues in footage, selecting music choices for the project and creating engaging titles and graphics.  Generally you will need to have a an editing software package that you can operate (Premiere, FCP Avid etc..) or at least a willingness to learn one and solid competency on a computer.